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Feel free to add me. Mostly playing Splatoon 3 currently but I like to dip into some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe online races too.

If your Switch name is different than your NL username, please @ me here and let me know! I’m unlikely to accept it if you don’t.


"A corpse... should be left well alone. Oh, I know very well. How the secrets beckon so sweetly. Only an honest death will cure you now. Liberate you, from your wild curiosity." - Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower.


I mostly play MK8 and Zelda.




Would anyone like to add me?? I usually play Mario Kart 8, Mario Tennis and Pokemon. Let me know if you add me so I know who you are Thanks!

SW 8548-4896-1093

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NNID - figo77ronaldo
3DS Friend code 5473-0852-7592
SW 8548-4896-1093


Looking for Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes friends! Please @ me.



Please add me. I like Mario games. Zelda. Super smash bros and more.



Feel free to add me, my FC is SW-7508-5460-0419

Please let me know if you added me


Switch Friend Code: SW-7508-5460-0419 | 3DS Friend Code: 4056-0612-9807 | My Nintendo: LucarioBoy | Nintendo Network ID: LucarioBoy851


Hi this is AstralRedStar705, and I'm currently looking for friends on the Switch to play multiplayer games with as long as your over 20, and don't mod your Switch. Here's a few of my games. 1. Mario Kart 8DX. 2. Super Mario Maker 2. 3. Super Smash Bros Ultimate. 4. Splatoon 2. 5. Animal Crossing NH. 6. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. 7. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth CE. 8. Sega Genesis Classics. Don't send me a friend request without asking me first because I'll delete it.

I play lots of Nintendo games, and Playstation games too. Mostly platformers, and rpg's. Also love playing multiplayer games with my friends!
If you want my friend code add me on Discord first then ask for it please, and thank you!


Yo I just had the craziest match in Clash of Heroes against a user named Darkness. I hope they were having as much fun as I was, and also I hope you read this and hit me up so we can talk about it.



I'm pretty new to the switch. Looking for some friends to play with. My FC is SW743734734507


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