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So you grew up with the N64 starting at the middle of it's life cycle I'm guessing, with a bit of SNES thrown into the mix?

And ya, I regret wasting my precious koopa coins on 95% or more of what i purchased, digitally, on PS5. Everything from Ratchet & Clank(Bored me to tears), God of War, Uncharted, couldn't get on board with Demon Souls, nor Stray, Spider man Miles Moralis, Sack Boy: A Big Adventure, Final Fantasy VII & 16, etc.
None of the above brought me a single ounce of entertainment.

Although, Resident Evil 2R & 3R running at 120fps(PS5 versions) have been pretty darn great, and i'll be skipping Resident Evil 4 Remake(Flat screen version, which i bought day one) and holding off until the PSVR2 release arrives early next year instead for the real RE4R experience. It's going to be incredible! At first it was announced as Additional VR content, but it turns out it's the entire main campaign.

PS5 has basically just turned into my PSVR2 machine. lol

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While @WaveBoy already done with PlayStation, I am the opposite.
I become more excited with my PS4 and PS5 as I keep getting more and more kids games for my PS4 & PS5.
Some peoples forget the kids games on PlayStation machines are still interesting enough to play.
Currently, I have written on my purchase book with more than 110 PS4 games and more than 80 PS5 games.
That's crazy, the number will keep growing and growing from upcoming 3rd party multi console kids games especially from my favorite publishers like Outright Games, Microids, Team17, GameMill, Merge Games, etc for their upcoming kids games.
I really want to get PS5 machine but the machine price is still too expensive for me to buy right now.
Maybe next year I will ready.


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@Professor_Plumber NP! It was definitely an awesome trip. Very well put together by the planners! I wanted to go to the concentration camp, namely because it's an existing relic of history that we must ensure never happens again. Dachau was the first concentration camp, after which many of the others were modeled. It wasn't specifically created for extermination like some others (most of which existed in what is now modern Poland), but plenty of people - mostly men - were tortured and killed on the premises. Many of which did nothing wrong. Usually related to ethnicity, beliefs, political opposition, mental health issues, unemployment, etc. Even clergy were imprisoned.

@EaglyPurahFan Clearly Nintendo listened when they realized how many people wanted a Fiddlebert spinoff. XD

@MarioLover92 MANY places, with a lot of history in them for sure. It's nuts to think how many things I saw predate the country I live in by several hundred years. A castle ruin I toured had some of its construction dating from roughly the 12th century! Even the more recent history was interesting, mostly ranging from the mid 1800s up to the fall of the Berlin Wall and former East German borders.

That part you're having trouble with was probably the second most difficult boss fight I dealt with in the game, but I persevered. The best I can say (since it's been a bit) is make sure you have the combat nailed down and have some good strategies in place when it comes to your team and Blades. I'm pretty sure I used Rex, Nia, and Morag as my Drivers. I'm sure some of your assigned Blades are very different though! Good luck on Team Love in the Splatfest this weekend!

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EaglyPurahfan wrote:

@blindsquarel moo I love cows but I have too many. Say what if I send you one of my pet cows. I just neef you credit card number and moms name so it arrives at the right address

Sure thing, just let me go grab that real quick. My mini cow will be so exited!

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