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Just because you’re being healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hearty meal. The Healthy Kitchen in Muscat brings some of Muscat's best organic food. To ensure top quality, all of its meat in big range and its vegetables are from Fresh Market. Every day, Healthy Kitchen offers a complete lunch, Dinner menu with healthy options like freshly pressed juices and smoked salmon. For lunch at the office, pick up one of the Healthy Kitchen sizzling menu.

We specialize in natural fruit blenders (smoothies) and organic bowls of a variety of fresh fruit, and honey. Everything we serve is a great source of clean energy, fueled by the purest nutrients and organic ingredients.

The Healthy Kitchen is a healthy, quick, and fresh alternative to the other restaurant scene. We offer large, customized, made-to-order salads with fresh produce, premium all-natural, non-GMO, hormone-free and mostly local ingredients and homemade dressings. We do our best to bring you local produce whenever possible. This commitment allows us to bring you the freshest ingredients.

Enjoy & Be Stoked!

Love fast food but weirded out by all the chemicals and hard-to-pronounce ingredients? The Healthy Kitchen is about to become your new favorite restaurant. Its menu is comprised of wraps, bowls, tenders and grilled chicken sandwiches, made with organic ingredients. Though the chain doesn’t serve up fries, shakes, or classic fast-food desserts, we sell a delicious healthy food which tastes like junk but it is healthy and the flavor will surprise you.

If you aren’t deliberately trying to eat healthily, some things here might offend you. But if you are trying to eat something sort of healthy, this place fits the bill. The menu at your average restaurant is 75% unhealthy and 25% healthy, but this one’s the opposite.

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